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Settling into Year 1

Posted 27/9/2016

We have now moved into Year 1 and are loving exploring both the indoor and outdoor environment. Mrs Beech, Mrs Sykes and Mrs Riley are our teachers and we have had a lot of fun in our colourful classroom.

We are learning all about Selby at the moment. Last week we walked into town and visited many places such as the Toll Bridge, Selby Park, The Library, Selby Abbey and St Mary's Church. We had a brilliant time finding out all about how our local town has changed over the years. 

In RE we have listened to the creation story, we have been thinking about how the world was made and how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. We worked fabulously together to create our own worlds in small groups.

We are also spending time learning how to play some amazing phonics games too, we particularly are enjoying the ones outside where we get to use the water guns! 

Come into class and look at our stained glass windows, pictures of our favourite places in the world, leaf drawings and many other things.

We are of course working hard on our literacy targets which will help us improve our writing and our SMIRF. What is your SMIRF?

We are looking forward to seeing what else we are going to find out about while we continue on our journey through Year 1. Keep checking back to see what we are up to!

Using the water station in the Year 1 outdoor Learning Area.Using the water station in the Year 1 outdoor Learning Area.