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We love spring!

Posted 8/6/2017

Everybody Write DayEverybody Write DayOne morning we arrived in school to some very strange goings on! We found eggs in the Year 1 outdoor area, footprints near the field and even some dinosaur poo in the Tech Zone! It was all very exciting and we did some excellent Dinosaur Poems that we shared with the rest of the school in an assembly.




We love to read and have enjoyed spending some time outside on the field reading our chosen ERIC (Everybody Reading in Class) books. What a lovely way to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!

Reading in the sunshineReading in the sunshine

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Special Delivery

Posted 22/11/2016

An exciting letterAn exciting letterDuring a busy afternoon, Reception, Year 1 and 2 received a surprise letter in the post. Mrs Sykes brought it into the classroom...and it was a letter from Santa! We were so excited to open it and find out what it said. Mrs Claus is feeling ill so Santa asked if we can help to prepare and have a Christmas party for lots of different people. We love parties so are the best people for the job.


St George's class were so excited to reply to Santa! Naomi and Ryan took it straight to the office to be sent with the post. We are so excited about our party!

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'Sailing into a new school year'

Posted 21/9/2016

A magical door...A magical door...

A magical door appeared...

During our first week in Year 2 we discovered a magical door hidden away behind some bright green ivy. We had a special message from a fairy who didn't know their own name! Our challenge is to investigate what their name might be - we are so excited to write some letters and start our investigation!






Our WOW day to Selby Town

As part of our topic work all about Selby, we spent a full day visiting places in Selby and learning about the history of our town. We visited the toll bridge a did some rubbings of the sculpture and pavement art. After that we spent some time in Selby Park where we had lots of fun playing with our friends. We walked to St Mary's Church and had lunch there and also a question and answer session with Father Wilson. It was wonderful to visit church together. In the afternoon we went to Selby Abbey which was amazing to see inside and we met Canon John Weetman too. The last part of our busy day was spent in Selby Library where we read some interesting books and learnt about Selby's history by looking at a variety of maps. WOW, what a day!

Selby Town tripSelby Town trip

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Castles and Dragons

Posted 21/3/2016

Fun in the sun at Sundown Adventure Land.Fun in the sun at Sundown Adventure Land.

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Shiver me Timbers...

Posted 10/2/2016

oo arrroo arrr

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December 2015

Posted 17/12/2015

We've had a busy month making our Advent Wreath initially. These were blessed in a special Collective Worship with Father Wilson. We have performed our Nativity play to our families during the last few weeks of term. We were brilliant at playing our instruments at the right time and dancing! We had so many songs to learn but we did so well. In our final week before Christmas some of us received certificates in an 'Achievement Assembly', our parents were invited too. Our Christmas party was loud and fun! We played games, danced and enjoyed our party food. A special visitor came to see us too. Can you guess who it was? On the last day of term we joined together for our last Mass of 2015 and our Carol Concert. Merry Christmas everyone, we are looking forward to see what 2016 has in store fEnjoying our Christmas Party.Enjoying our Christmas Party.or us!

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Whizz, Bang, Sparkle

Posted 17/12/2015

This term we have had a brilliant time learning all about the Gun Powder Plot. We had an amazing WOW day where we made leafy hedgehogs, chocolate apples, hot chocolate, rockets and many more things! Look in our class book or our topic books to see all of our work.

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A fab start to Year 1!

Posted 9/10/2015

Directions in MathsDirections in Maths


In Maths we have been looking at half turns and full turns. Here we are practising these turns ourselves to help us remember them!

Esafety with Digi DuckEsafety with Digi Duck


We used Digi Duck (an eBook) to learn all about keeping safe on the Internet. We learnt lots of new things and enjoyed learning about eSafety.


Sorting old and new toysSorting old and new toys


In history we have been learning about toys that our Parents and Grandparents would have played with when they were our age. Here are some of us sorting different types of toys into old and new.


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Our time in Reception

Posted 11/5/2015

Molly showing everyone the fish!Molly showing everyone the fish!

Five loaves and two fishes

In the Spring term we spent time in RE listening to stories about the life of Jesus. We found out that he was able to do amazing things because he is special - he is God's son! At the end of one day when he was preaching to lots of people, everybody was very hungry. Jesus and the disciples wondered what to do? A little boy came forward with his lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish. Jesus performed a miracle and all of the people had plenty to eat! After hearing the story, we looked at some fish. Many of us had never felt a fish or looked inside one. We found it very interesting. have you ever felt a fish or touched it eyes?

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A letter from Santa!

Posted 20/11/2014

We have been very excited in St. Peter's Class recently! We love helping people out at St. Mary's and the word had obviously got out! A letter came from a long way away - from Santa Claus. He and Mrs Claus have been having problems, she has hurt her wrist and can no longer prepare for a Christmas party. They asked for our help and course we said yes. Mrs Mabley wrote a reply with several children in our class and we walked to the Post Office to deliver it.

Guess what - we got another letter back, answering our questions! We can now A letter from Santa! A letter from Santa! go ahead and help her with the preparations. We can't wait!


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