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Our awesome new reading area!

Posted 25/3/2015

We love our new reading corner!We love our new reading corner!This term, many of us at St Mary's and people in the local community helped to collect over 500 milk bottles! Miss Skelton and Mrs Sykes spent a few hours building this igloo together. Do you like it? It is amazing inside too! It is a very special treat to go in the igloo and there are different activities we enjoying doing such as; ordering numbers, reading letter sounds and quietly reading a book. You are more than welcome to come to St Patryk's class to have a look!

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We are Santa's little helpers!

Posted 25/11/2014

We had fun making various Christmas toys!

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Selby Ahoy WOW day

Posted 15/9/2014

Year 1 share their modelsYear 1 share their modelsThis half term our topic is Selby Ahoy! We are looking at the different jobs that people have had or have in Selby. During our WOW day, KS1 and Reception children focussed on Sculpture, Swans and Ships. The children each made a model using various materials and then shared them with Year 2 and Reception. We had a fab WOW day!

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Our time in Reception Class (Shiver me timbers!)

Hair Razing News!

Nursery Rhyme Nativity

Posted 9/4/2014

Nursery Rhyme Nativity

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The Big Share

Posted 9/10/2013

St. Peter's class sharing very tasty indian food!St. Peter's class sharing very tasty indian food!

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Our first weeks at school

Posted 12/9/2013

St Peter's ClassSt Peter's ClassWe have had a wonderful few weeks making lots of new friends and settling into the school routine. Huge high towers; picnics on the lawn; extremely long playdough snakes; splashing in the water trough; roadworks and traffic jams have all been spotted!  Budding artists have painted brilliant pictures - in our classroom you can see the marvellous paintings of ourselves and the fabulous fish swimming in our underwater aquarium! Our superhero day was simply SUPER!!! We are so excited about learning new sounds and reading our very own books!

Keep checking our blog for further photos and details of the exciting times we've been having.


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