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What a busy few weeks!

Posted 23/3/2016

Castles and DragonsCastles and Dragons



We have been learning all about Castles and Dragons. Here we are playing with the castle in our classroom and making up different stories. In our topic work we have also built castles and learnt lots of facts about them.





Drama with RichardDrama with Richard



Some of us have been doing some drama work with Richard. We learnt lots of new skills and even worked as a school with Richard to write our very own story! Here we are sharing our artwork and showing some of our drama skills with the rest of the children in school.








We had a few cold days at the start of this half term. Here are some of us enjoying the snow in the playground.





 Taster Festival @ HFHSTaster Festival @ HFHS




St George's class enjoy visiting HFHS. We spent a morning there with the Year 1 children learning lots of new things. Here are some of us doing athletics. We also learnt skills needed for table tennis, cricket, botcha and badminton.



 Sowing seedsSowing seeds


In St George's class we are looking forward to having an outdoor planter. We are planning on using it for all of the plants we learn and grow about during our visits to Stockbridge. We have already made a start on some plants in our classroom and are looking forward to seeing how they grow.


Sundown Adventure ParkSundown Adventure Park




To help with our work all about Traditional Tales, we visited Sundown Adventure Park. We all had a fun day and it gave us lots of ideas to help with our writing.