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That magnificent class with their flying machines

Posted 9/11/2017

As part of the 'Planes, trains and automobiles' topic, St. Francis' Class made some impressive flying machines at home, over half-term. The models made included: spaceships, rockets, aeroplanes, bi-planes, elastic-band wind up planes, chitty chitty bang bang and the millenium falcon. We took some the flying machines out onto the playground to see how far they would 'fly'.Some of the flying machines!Some of the flying machines!

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Posted 8/6/2017

GymnasticsGymnasticsY4 have spent this last half term balancing and rolling. We have worked together in pairs and small groups, to produce a sequence of movements to present to the other children.

At the end of our unit, we showcased our work to the children in Y1.  

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Building on a large scale

Posted 22/11/2016

wow daywow dayWhat a fabulous morning!

Y3 and Y4, spent a very busy couple of hours building Saxon houses, along with parents/grandparents and other relatives. Our school hall was like a scene from a farm yard, with hay covering every inch of the floor and tables. We were particularly impressed with the support our willing helpers offered to the children and the children to each other.

This is just some of the things that the parents had to say.  

'Wow day was really amazing! The children worked in a team and supported each other....'

'The thing I like the most was everybody smiling and helping each other...' 


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Pentecost Party

Growth Mindset

The weather is getting a little nicer

St Andrew's out and about at Stockbridge

Posted 23/11/2015

We have had a great start to the year in Year 3! A real highlight of the year so far was our trip to Stockbridge. We worked really hard out in the field and learned some new interesting things in the classroom there too!

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Our time in Year 2

Posted 14/7/2015


YWP TripYWP TripYorkshire Wildlife Park Trip

We had a wonderful trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park where the children got to see lots of amazing animals. The day began with some time in the play barn which the children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed! The slides were great fun! We managed to get around the whole park and saw lots of animals including lions, giraffes, zebras, meerkats, wallabies, tigers, leopard, ostrich, polar bears, baboons and many more! The children enjoyed a picnic lunch (with only a little rain, thankfully) and finished off our busy day with some time in the adventure park in the woods. A fabulous day had by all!

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Spring time Fun in Year 2

Posted 17/3/2015

During Spring we have been working very hard on lots of different activities!

One of the text types we have been learning about is Traditional Tales. We learnt the actions to the story of Hansel and Gretel. Here are some of use acting out the beginning of the story. Once we had learnt all of the story we went on to plan and write our own Traditional Tales. It was exciting to create some beautiful and cruel characters and then describe a problem too!Talk for Writing, Hansel and GretelTalk for Writing, Hansel and Gretel

Here we are dressed up as our favourite book characters from World Book Day! Can you tell which book characters we are? How many Queen Elsa's can you see? Who is hiding behind the masks?

World Book Day, 2015World Book Day, 2015

In RE this term we have been learning all about The Good News and The Mass. We have visited St Mary's Church to take part in a morning Mass. Everyone went up during Communion and received a blessing from Father Wilson. Here are some of us acting out what happened during The Last Supper as we do at Mass.The MassThe Mass


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Teamwork Skills in PE

Posted 20/11/2014

Teamwork skills in PETeamwork skills in PEWe love PE in Year 2! During this term we have learnt a dance routine. We decided to call it African Animals and we are getting better and better at moving to the beat. In PE we have also been learning different skills such as throwing and catching. We know that to play in teams, teamwork is so important. Recently we have been working on activities to help us with this. Here you can see a group of children supporting each other very well so that they all stay inside the hoop without falling over. We are looking forward to some more team tasks!

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