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Key Stage 1 Outdoor Area

At St. Mary’s we believe that quality outdoor provision is as important as indoor. With this in mind we have been developing our outdoor space to give pupils of all ages exciting and stimulating outdoor experiences.

In Key Stage 1 we have developed enhanced provision that will encourage scientific exploration and language development as well as creativity.

Comments from Year 1 Children

“I liked using the new whiteboard outside to make a story board, and love playing with the scales. I adore the little cottage. I sit down with my friends and play music in there.” 

“We sit in the house and sing songs to practise for our Christmas play. I like to draw princess pictures on the boards, and practise my letters saying a, b, c and writing with the coloured pens.” 

“We used the whiteboard outside in our phonics lesson to work in groups changing parts of the ‘Where’s my teddy?’ story. I really enjoy playing in the water area with Reece and Archie K.” 

“I like playing in the water station and making a tower in the sand.” 

“I enjoy playing in the sand, I like to make castles.” 

“I like playing in the water area, it is really fun!” 

“I like to draw on the new white and black boards.” 

Year 1 - Having Fun!

Comments from Year 2 Children

“The outdoor area is fun to play in because you can draw on the whiteboard with whiteboard pens that are different colours.” 

“I like to play in the sand because it is fun and I can play with my friends.” 

“The water area is exciting. You can play in it with your friends and using the different equipment you can make the water change where it goes!” 

“The whiteboards are really fun because you can practise some words on it that you don’t know. In the house you can calm down if you get upset and it is a good place to talk to your friends.” 

“I like that you get to play with different stuff. You can play in the water area, chalk area, sand area, whiteboard pen area and the house. It is good because they look cool and they are fun to play with and you get to play with friends in all the different areas too!” 

Year 2 - Having Fun!